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Gestational diabetes is normally screened utilizing a take a look at referred to as as oral glucose problem take a look at between sixth and the seventh month that’s about 24 to 26 weeks and when the affected person books with us about 6 to eight weeks the screening checks could be fasting blood sugars and HbA1c, that’s glycosylated haemoglobin. This HbA1c signifies that her blood sugars for the previous 3 months. So FBS mixed with HbA1c will display her for overt diabetes , that is that if the diabetes was current in her earlier than even she fell pregnant. Any fasting blood sugar under 90 and HbA1c under 6 signifies she was not diabetic earlier than she fell pregnant. When we come to oral glucose problem take a look at that is finished between sixth and the 7 th month that’s about 24 to 26 weeks, the higher restrict for the lower off is about 140 mg per decilitre. So any stage above 140 mg per decilitre, signifies that she is having gestational diabetes.

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