The Internal Shower drink: TikTok’s questionable latest fad


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The indoor shower is a popular drink on social networks like TikTok. Its proponents claim that it helps fight constipation and help with weight loss.

Last update: June 05, 2023

The “Inner Shower” drink has become and is popular on social media Consisting of water and chia seeds. In principle, it is offered as a weight loss alternative, although its proponents argue that it has more benefits.

However, we must always emphasize that we must be careful with these fads because sometimes they are not supported by any evidence and can even be harmful. In general, efficient weight loss is achieved by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

A slightly low-calorie diet and physical exercise are essential. Without these, it is not possible to maintain good results over a long period of time. So let’s take a look at how this drink works and its potential benefits.

What is the “Inner Shower” drink?

By the term “indoor shower” we mean a drink made from chia seeds and water. If these seeds are soaked in the liquid and left for a few minutes, they will grow up to 12 times in size and the consistency will become gelatinous.

Its main benefit is associated with more efficient intestinal transit. It is clear that chia seeds are a source of fiber, a substance that has proved its worth be crucial for improving digestive health.

In particular, it increases the volume of the stool bolus, allowing greater stimulation of mechanoreceptors and peristaltic movements. This will reduce constipation.

Dietary fiber itself will also be crucial in improving microbiota composition. It serves as an energetic substrate for the bacteria living in the tube. In this way, density losses are avoided, which could favor the future development of dysbiosis.

As a Study published in Food Pharmacology and Therapeutics States, a number of pro-inflammatory fatty acids are produced in the intestine after fiber intake, which are essential for the prevention of complex pathologies.

We should not forget the power of fiber to stimulate satiety, documented in Research published in nutritional assessments . This reduces the amount of food eaten throughout the day, This leads to an energy deficit and subsequent weight loss.

Internal shower drink.
The inner shower is a drink made from chia seeds and water. It is touted by its proponents as a weight loss tool. However, the effects are doubted.

Does chia drink work?

The truth is that it is usually beneficial to include more fiber in your diet. It’s good to know that we often don’t meet our daily requirement of around 25 grams (just under an ounce). Achieving these levels will reduce the incidence of many chronic digestive ailments, in addition to improving the symptoms of pre-existing conditions.

However, increasing fiber intake is not the solution in all cases. If a dysbiosis process has developed, this could be counterproductive. Dietary fibers do not specifically promote bacterial growth.

Good microorganisms benefit as well as pathogens. Therefore, under certain circumstances, it would make sense to temporarily limit intake of the substance and supplement it with a probiotic treatment.

As far as weight loss goes, keep in mind that it is just a supplement. By itself, The drink can neither “melt fat” nor lose kilos. Its intake only helps to control appetite.

Other ways to include fiber in your diet

The indoor shower ensures a significant intake of fiber, but there are other alternatives to optimize the consumption of this element. The most advisable thing is to increase the percentage of foods of plant origin in your diet.

This class of products is also notable for its concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They are therefore generally positive for the organism It is recommended to consume 5 servings per day.

Likewise, the inclusion of whole grains in your diet should be evaluated. However, you have to be careful that they don’t contain too many simple sugars. A good option is oatmeal, which is eaten as flakes.

fruit basket.
In addition to chia, it is advisable to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables to ensure fiber intake.

Indoor shower, a good source of fiber

As you have seen, Most of the benefits of the “indoor shower” are due to its fiber content. In fact, due to the presence of this element, many nutrition experts advise including chia in the regular diet.

However, it is not the only food that can produce a positive effect of this kind. The key is to provide variety at the nutritional level. In addition, it is necessary to be moderate when taking it, since an overdose can be counterproductive, especially in dysbiosis processes. It is best to consult a doctor about this.

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