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Whether you are cycling in the mountains, on the road or in the city, bike apps can be very useful. Discover the best below!

Last update: January 02, 2021

Nowadays, more and more people choose to use the bike as a means of transport and at the same time play sports. Whether you are interested in road or mountain biking, You should download some of the best cycling apps on your phone.

These apps can report road conditions, heart rate, and kilometers traveled, among other things. These are undoubtedly very valuable tools and there are many different ones to choose from. Below are some of the best cycling apps!

What are the best cycling apps?

Today you can control many different aspects from your mobile phone, which is why apps are so valued and sought after. However, for some people it is Researching each trait can be a somewhat tedious task.

If you’re one of them, it’s a good idea to look for a ranking or list of the best apps, like the list we’re sharing with you below! Here are the best cycling apps:

1. Best cycling apps: Komoot

It is an app developed for both iOS and Android devices and web browsers. The best thing about Komoot is that you can plan new routesknow the elevation profile of the paths, the type of road surface, the level of technical difficulty and the physical condition required for each route. Although it is free, the offline functionality is a paid premium option.

A man who rides a bicycle.

2. Strava

It is one of the most downloaded and popular bike apps. Strava is the perfect option for both amateur and professional cyclists. You can use it to plan and record your routes in the city or in rural areas. Even if you want to trainyou can analyze various performance statistics.

Likewise, it allows you to plan personal challenges. It’s the perfect way to stay motivated! And since we are social beings, with this app you can record your races and workouts, follow friends or acquaintances and even form groups to ride bikes together. It is available for Android, iPhone and smartwatches like Apple Watch and Android Wear.

3. Best Bike Apps: Brujula Bike

With this mobile app You will be immersed in the world of cycling as all the information you need to organize your routes will be provided. In addition, you will find the latest news that every cycling fan should know.

The information is divided into categories: mountain bike, training, mechanics, equipment and nutrition, and interviews. There is also a video section called Brujula BikeTV, Here you can discover the routes that other cyclists take.

4. Cycle Tracker Pro

This is one of the best cycling apps for cyclists who want to plan their routes in detail. Cycle Tracker Pro offers real-time maps using your phone’s GPS, route and interval tracking, customizable reading screen with hours, graphs and maps, and even estimates counts calories you burn.

In addition, the app is synced with Google Maps and compatible with the Street View feature, so you know exactly where you will be cycling to. And that’s not all! It has an in-app music player that gives you access to playlists of the music of your choice for extra motivation. Finally, it has a native camera function that allows you to share your routes on social networks.

5. Best Bike Apps: Bike Citizens

A cyclist uses an app.
The best bike apps provide valuable information.

This is a useful application if you want ride your bike in your city or on vacation. With Bike Citizens you can calculate routes in real time, have an odometer and offer alternative routes, heatmaps of different cities, etc an option to create a personalized list with your own routes.

6. Wikiloc

It is not only suitable for cycling enthusiasts, but also for anyone who does other outdoor sports such as running or climbing. You can Download Wikiloc on Android or iPhone devices as it will help you plan routes around the world!

Two of the main features are the extensive route catalog “for all tastes” and the ability to view the maps offline. If you have cell service, you can follow a real-time route and share photos with your teammates.

Finally, we decided to list a few more great cycling apps: Trailforks (for enduro trails), BikeNearU (for avoiding accidents on the road), Bicycle Gear Calculator (for speed calculations), and Bike Repair (with bike repair videos) .

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