Detox your body with pineapple and papaya


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Both papaya and pineapple are tropical fruits. Not only are they very tasty, but they also contain large amounts of fiber and water, which in turn promotes gastrointestinal transit.

Last update: July 11, 2022

This Papaya Pineapple Detox Diet is great for maintaining your health. More precisely, it can Help improve your gastrointestinal transit and the elimination of retained fluids.

In addition to water and fiber, papaya and pineapple also contain several nutrients that support the health of your entire body and favor the processes mentioned above.

Below we tell you more about this diet, its two main ingredients and certain other aspects to consider.

Why Try a Detox Diet?

When people want to improve their diet for their health but don’t really know where to start, they often consider a detox diet.

Most detox diets consist of foods that relieve bloating and remove accumulated fluids and waste from the body.

These are not permanent meal plans, but temporary and short-term meal plans. However, you can help us take the first steps to improve our eating habits.

Before starting any diet, we recommend that you consult your doctor or a nutritionist. These professionals can be more specific about what is right for you and your body, based on your individual needs.

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Detox diet with papaya and pineapple

A person cutting a pineapple.

No detox diet should exceed three days as they are extremely restrictive and can endanger your health.

This detox diet, in which papaya and pineapple are the main ingredients, should only last you a few days.

During the detox you should also cut down your consumption of red meat, refined flours, saturated fats, junk foods, beverages, and processed foods and beverages.

What exactly does this diet consist of? This includes eating light and healthy meals, as well as consuming these two fruits (naturally, not in juices or smoothies) at different times of the day.

This detox diet doesn’t replace your main meals with pineapple and papaya smoothies. Rather, it encourages you to eat these two fruits with your meals (or snacks) to keep you full. This will reduce your cravings that can often lead to eating unhealthy foods like junk food, pastries, and sweets.

The properties of pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical fruit with a delicious flavor and many health benefits. It provides fiber, water and carbohydrates. In addition, it contains minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron and vitamins from the B group.

Added to these components of pineapple is its vitamin C content. In fact, 100 grams of pineapple contains 80 percent of our daily recommended amount. That’s why IIt is a good source of natural antioxidants like manganese, some flavonoids and phenolic compounds.

Thanks to these nutrients, pineapple supports digestion and prevents constipation (due to the presence of regulating fiber and pectin). It is also a diuretic food that promotes the elimination of fluid retention.

These properties make it easier for sugar to be absorbed, which allows you to keep blood sugar under control and prevent cardiovascular disease or diabetes. In that sense, it could also help with weight loss.

According to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN), pineapple is a source of iodine, vitamin C, organic acids and bromelain.

The properties of papaya

A girl is happily holding some papaya.

Papaya is a tropical fruit known for its papain content, a type of enzyme that aids in digestive processes. That is explained by Jose Manuel Avila and Patricia Estalrich from FEN:

“Taking papain facilitates digestion, relieves stomach pain and inflammation, diarrhea and constipation, and eliminates intestinal parasites.”

Papaya also contains up to 90 percent water and plenty of vitamins A, C and E as well as folic acid.

In addition, the content of vitamin C in papaya is even higher than in pineapple. In fact, 100 grams of papaya covers our daily need for this element. As for the minerals, it contains good amounts of potassium, magnesium and copper.

Thanks to the enzyme papain, papaya also promotes digestion. It also contains beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin, meaning it is a fruit with many health benefits for the entire body.

Fruit can help control food cravings

Thanks to their high fiber content, pineapple and papaya make you feel full. They are also extremely low in calories, making them perfect for appetite control. This will help you achieve a healthy weight.

To regulate your cravings, Consume three servings of these fruits daily along with a main meal or snack.

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Other ways to enjoy papaya and pineapple

On a detox diet, you can enjoy pineapple and papaya prepared in different ways. Here are some options to try:

In salads

A salad with papaya and pineapple and other fruits.

Give your salads a slightly different touch Add small chunks of pineapple and papaya to your usual veggie combo and dress with a vinaigrette.

As with any detox diet, you must do this Be a little creative to counter its restrictive nature. So you can use your imagination when adding these two fruits to your meals.

In addition to introducing three servings of papaya and pineapple, this detox diet should also include opting for light and easily digestible dishes. For this reason, we recommend adding it to broths, vegetable soups, salads, lean meats, white fish, seeds and whole grains.

You should also make sure to drink plenty of fluids (either water or herbal teas), get enough sleep, and get enough exercise during the day.

Try the pineapple and papaya detox diet for a few days

It is obvious that these two fruits have natural and healing properties, so don’t miss the chance to eat more of them for a few days. However, remember that you must not follow a detox diet for more than a short period of time and that the fruit must be accompanied by a variety of other foods.

After all, a healthier diet and lifestyle is one of the most important keys to taking care of your body and achieving better health.

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