4 kettlebell exercises to coach your back


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Try to include kettlebell exercises to work the back muscles, but don’t force them or use improper techniques. These recommendations will help you get started.

Last update: March 15, 2021

It is possible to train your back with kettlebell exercises as long as you do the right exercises. Remember that in addition to stimulating the different muscle groups of the back as well You also need to use proper technique to make timely progress and avoid injury.

Kettlebells are often very useful because of their design. In addition, their weight distribution ensures a better grip. The aim is to take advantage of this and include regular exercises for the back muscles.

Train your back with kettlebell exercises

With that in mind, we’re going to teach you a series of exercises you can do with a kettlebell to stimulate the posterior core. Remember that the number of sets and repetitions is determined by your routine, which should be adjusted to suit your needs and goals.

Deadlift with a kettlebell

A woman demonstrates how to properly perform a kettlebell deadlift.

When we say deadlift, we mean an exercise that focuses on lower limb development. However, the back muscles are clearly activated and stimulated by the hip extension movement and the kettlebell. The execution technique is as follows:

  • Stand tall with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apartand place the kettlebell between your feet to ensure a good grip.
  • semi-flex at knees and hips, Keep your back straight and your gaze straight ahead. Once in position, grab the kettlebell.
  • With the kettlebell in your hands, lower yourself with one slight bending of the knees and your back straight. Engage your abs and lower back and try to get the kettlebell to touch the floor.
  • To return to the starting position, push off the floor with your legs and lower back.
  • Focus on the technique and complete the appropriate number of repetitions.

High pull-ups with kettlebell exercises

High pull-ups are one of the best exercises to train your back with kettlebells. You can accompany them with deadlifts, making them a great compound exercise. Or you can do them all by yourself.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place the kettlebell in the middle of your feetjust like the deadlift starting position.
  • Grip the kettlebell with both hands while half bending your hips and kneesthen perform the extension of both joints.
  • When you stand completely Bring the kettlebell to chin height while raising your elbows just above your shoulders.
  • Go back down and let the kettlebell touch the floor. Do the number of repetitions specified in the routine.

Kettlebell Exercises: Rowing

A woman does kettleball rowing exercises.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Place the kettlebell between your feet but level with your toes.
  • Slightly bend your legs and hips, keep your back straight, lean your torso forward, and look straight ahead. Lower the kettlebell and grasp it with one hand.
  • Bring the kettlebell toward your hips while bending your arm at a 45-degree angle. Do the programmed number of reps, completing the exercise with the other arm.

kettlebell grinder

A woman does a kettlebell grinder.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend your hips while bringing your torso forward and grasp the kettlebell with your right hand.
  • With your arm fully extended, raise the kettlebell overhead.
  • Without ever dropping the kettlebell, Bring the other hand to the floor, but make a slow motion movement until it touches the left foot.
  • Get back up and do the planned number of repetitions.
  • When you’re done, switch the kettlebell grip from your right hand to your left hand and repeat the exercise.

Training your back with kettlebells, a question of technique

Kettlebells can be very useful for training different muscle groups in the body. However, it is most advisable to prioritize technique before developing a routine with this element.

The main advice revolves around improvement, avoiding injury, and achieving the proposed goals. Many people tend to grip poorly or perform poorly wrong moves with kettlebells, and that can do more harm than good.

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