4 exercises to tone your obliques


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Most people want well-defined abs for aesthetic reasons. However, it can also have a number of additional health benefits!

Last update: March 08, 2021

In the fitness world, toning the obliques is a difficult task for anyone and is considered quite a challenge. But it’s not impossible And there are several exercises that you can use to work your obliques.

Even if you’re only doing it for aesthetic reasons, toning your obliques can have a number of health benefits too, so it’s definitely worth the effort.

Exercises to tone your obliques

The obliques are located on the sides of your abs, and the ones you can see are the external obliques. However, there is also the internal obliques underneaththat are closer to the ribs. Both muscle groups play a role in breathing and trunk movements, including bending, tilting, and twisting.

There are several ways to train this midsection, and it’s even possible to isolate these muscles to build them. Below we show you some of the most important exercises that can help you with this.

Side planks with knee raises

We recommend using a soft surface or mat for this exercise. To get into position Lie on your side and prop yourself up on your forearm and the outside edge of one foot. Then raise your body and bring your knee towards your elbow.

A woman works out with weights on the beach.

This exercise requires you to keep your body elevated while bringing your knees and elbows together. Perform 10 repetitions on each side.

This exercise requires a lot of balance and coordination, But if you do it right, you’ll take a big step toward toning your obliques.

Exercises to strengthen the obliques: wipers

This exercise owes its name to the fact that your legs move from side to side. But don’t let that funny name fool you. It is one of the best exercises to strengthen your obliques.

Lie on your back with your arms at your sides and knees bent. Then twist your legs back and forth in one smooth motion. Try to simulate the movement of a windshield wiper with your legs.

We recommend that you tighten your abdomen and tighten your leg muscles during this exercise. There is also another variation where you raise your legs and keep them elevated as you move them from side to side.

Lift a leg

You will need a static bar at a considerable height for this exercise. However, make sure it is secure. You don’t want accidents.

Grasp the bar with both hands and lift your body up. Then bend your hips and legs to rotate them slightly upwards. This move not only stimulates the obliques, but also the rest of your core, arms, and back.

A woman works out on bars in the gym.

We recommend starting with a low rep range to allow your body to adjust. It doesn’t matter if it’s just two or three. Just be patient!

Side Crunches: Exercises to tone your obliques

Depending on your preference, you can do side crunches either on a mat or with an exercise ball. However, the way you perform the exercise will vary.

If you choose to perform them on a mat, begin by lying on your back, arms by your sides, feet flat on the floor, and bend your knees. Then, Try bending sideways and touching your heel with your hand. Return to the starting position and then try the other side. As you perform this exercise, you should feel tension in the sides of your torso.

if you do them with an exercise ballMake sure it’s well inflated and that you have a stable foothold. Then lie on your side on the exercise ball and place your hands behind your neck. Perform an upward side crunch in one gentle motion, waiting a few seconds between each rep.

More things to consider when toning your obliques

Targeted exercises are the number one way to tone the obliques or any other part of the body. But there are other things to consider as well.

If you really want to work out your abs, you need to be careful not to eat too many calories. You must also ensure adequate rest and avoid toxins such as alcohol or tobacco.

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