4 exercises to strengthen your shoulders


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It is very important to strengthen your shoulders as it allows you to develop your arms and body in general. Don’t neglect this important area!

Last update: March 30, 2021

People often overlook the importance of strengthening their shoulders. Not understanding their importance in daily life, most don’t devote enough time to these muscles in their routines. The shoulders are made up of the deltoids, which need adequate stimulation to stay in good shape. The deltoid is located near the torso and forms the base of the arms. Discover four exercises to strengthen your shoulders in this article.

Why you need to strengthen your shoulders

In addition to allowing movements in most joints, such as arm flexion and extension, internal and external rotation, and abduction and adduction, The shoulders protect and stabilize the joint that connects the torso to the arm.

In addition, well-toned deltoids allow for more powerful arm movements. This is useful in many sports disciplines and even in everyday tasks.

Exercises to strengthen your shoulders

You should incorporate exercises to strengthen your shoulders into your everyday training routine. The main goal is to ensure even muscle growth to avoid muscle weakness upper extremities.

To help you achieve this goal, below is the following: We show you a set of recommended exercises for shoulder development and stimulation.

Lateral elevations

A woman does lateral raises.

Lateral raises are one of the best exercises for strengthening your shoulders. You can do this exercise in different ways. In addition, you can vary the level of difficulty by tilting your torso and the weight of the dumbbells. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell by the side of your body with each hand.
  • Then raise the dumbbell. This movement is known as kidnappingand it consists of moving the arms away from the torso.
  • Finally, repeat the raises as many times as you set out to do your routine. Remember that you can also do them arm by arm.

The Arnold Press

A man who makes the Arnold press.
A muscular man does an Arnold press exercise to strengthen his shoulders.

Arnold Schwarzeneggerthe popular actor and bodybuilder actually invented this exercise. It is an exercise highly recommended by experts to stimulate and strengthen the shoulders, also protecting the movement of the joint during its execution.

  • First, sit in a comfortable place with a straight back and aligned with your head.
  • Hold two dumbbells, one in each hand, with your palms facing out at chest level.
  • Begin to raise the dumbbells overhead. Rotate your forearms as you stand up Turn your grip inside out.
  • Once you get to the top, your palms should be facing forward, unlike when you started the exercise.
  • Raise and lower the dumbbell as many times as you like.

shoulder extensions

To properly perform the shoulder extension, you need to lie on your stomach on an elevated surface. Once you get the position, drop one of your arms. The idea is that your arm doesn’t touch the ground. Then follow these steps:

  • Hold the dumbbell with your hanging arm. Make sure it’s not too heavy to avoid injury.
  • Extend your arm without over-tensing your triceps brachii. Return to the starting position and perform your set repetitions.


A man does push-ups with his personal trainer.

The shoulders are undoubtedly an essential part of the arms. Because of this, we had to mention the most important exercise for upper limb development: pushups.

  • Lie face down on a comfortable surface.
  • Then, place the balls of your feet and your palms slightly below your shoulders.
  • In this position, perform the movement by raising and lowering your body. Make sure your back stays straight.

Strengthen your shoulders and arms

As mentioned with any exercise, you need to determine the number of reps and sets before you begin. This way you know what goal you want to achieve: hypertrophy or strengthening.

However, remember that you should not only train your shoulders. Working on one muscle group and neglecting the others will only lead to muscle imbalances. This increases the risk of injuryThat’s why you need to train your entire body in an organized manner.

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